The first annual Dutch Translational Metabolism Conference is organized by senior and junior scientists of the Amsterdam UMC-AMC, Maastricht UMC, and UMC Groningen.

Specific questions about the conference? Please do not hesitate to contact us via

Senior organizers:

Prof. Dr. Riekelt Houtkooper (Amsterdam UMC)
Prof. Dr. Patrick Schrauwen
(Maastricht UMC)
Dr. Maaike Oosterveer
(UMC Groningen)

Junior organizers:

Rebecca McIntyre (Amsterdam UMC)
Eileen Daniels (Amsterdam UMC)
Ruben Zapata Perez (Amsterdam UMC)
Kelly ‘t Hart (Amsterdam UMC)
Angela Tol (UMC Groningen)
Martijn Rutten (UMC Groningen)
Ciaran Fealy (Maastricht UMC)
Lotte Grevendonk (Maastricht UMC)