Metabolic (dys)function is a key factor in many of the world’s modern diseases. The Netherlands is home to a great many leaders in the field of metabolic research, yet there is currently no annual national meeting allowing all these experts from different disciplines to gather. Such an event would be highly valuable to share knowledge and develop the collaborations that will maintain the Netherlands’ position as a global leader into the future. 

Therefore, we cordially invite you to join the first annual Dutch Translational Metabolism Conference, to be held at Congrescentrum De Werelt in Lunteren on March 10-11, 2020. 

The goal of this meeting is to bring together and facilitate interaction between all metabolic experts in the Netherlands, both junior and senior, who study metabolism with the ultimate aim to prevent and/or treat disease. We focus on translational research, bridging the gap between fundamental research to application in humans and validation at the population-level.  

Our primary goals for the meeting are:

(1) Networking: although many of the PIs already know each other, this meeting should be a breeding ground for new fruitful collaborations that go beyond each individual’s specific sub-specialty. Over drinks and bitterballen, and an extended poster session in the highly appreciated “Keystone symposium style”, everyone will have the opportunity to share ideas and experiences. 

(2) Exchange of ideas: we provide ample opportunity for junior speakers (PhDs and postdocs) to present their work, either in 12 selected oral presentations and/or as posters. In addition, we will invite several world-leading keynote speakers. 

(3) Active participation: we look forward to lively and engaging discussions. Session chairs will be instructed to first allow junior attendants to ask questions, thereby creating an atmosphere of inclusion, where junior attendees feel their ideas are also recognized.

The meeting will be divided into several sessions: 

(1) Drug intervention studies promoting energy metabolism
(2) Intracellular and molecular metabolism
(3) Systemic metabolism and inter-organ communication
(4) Lifestyle interventions and circadian biology
(5) Innovative methods for metabolic research

These defined sessions are intended to provide some guidance in deciding whether the meeting falls within your scope. Within these sessions, potential topics include but are not limited to metabolism-related diseases (e.g. diabetes, obesity, aging, inborn errors of metabolism) as well as metabolism-targeting interventions (e.g. exercise, nutrition, microbiome).

We hope to welcome you all in Lunteren!