DTMC 2022

Thank you for a successful Dutch Translational Metabolism Conference 2022 – Bridging the gap between research and medicine in metabolism!

We are happy to announce that we currently are planning DTMC 2023 and look forward to see you again for great scientific discussions. DTMC 2023 will take place on June 1st and 2nd 2023 in Wageningen. Stay tuned for more information. Until then we would encourage you to join our online seminars!

We, the organizing committee, would like to thank all of the participants and sponsors for making DTMC 2022 as great as it was. Our visions for the conference were to bridge the gap between fundamental research, applications in humans and validation at the population levels by gathering junior and senior metabolic specialists, and the meeting was a success in achieving this.

The two-day conference included keynote lectures from five international metabolic experts and leaders within the field: Prof. Kei Sakamoto (University of Copenhagen), Dr. Anja Zeigerer (Helmholtz Centrum Munich), Prof. Giles Yeo (University of Cambridge), Prof. Anu Suomalainen Wartiovaara (University of Helsinki) and Prof. Lora Heisler (University of Aberdeen). A key element of the DTMC is to highlight young researchers, so our scientific program included 10 oral presentations from highly ranked abstracts that were submitted by junior researchers, as well as 10 poster pitches.

DTMC 2022 covered topics ranging from cellular and molecular metabolism, systemic metabolism and inter-organ communication, lifestyle interventions to circadian biology, drug discovery and therapeutics promoting energy metabolism, and innovative methods for metabolic research. Last, but not the least, the two-day conference offered lots of time for networking, and indeed already let to new research project ideas and collaborations.  

We owe a special thanks to all of our sponsors that made it possible for us to keep the registration costs of the meeting low and thereby encouraging young researchers to participate.

See you at DTMC 2023!

On behalf of the DTMC 2022 Organizing Committee

Riekelt Houtkooper (Amsterdam UMC)
Maaike Oosterveer (UMC Groningen)
Patrick Schrauwen (Maastricht UMC)
Joris Hoeks (Maastricht UMC)
Signe Mosegaard Nielsen (Amsterdam UMC)
Berith Balfoort (Amsterdam UMC)
Arwen Gao (Amsterdam UMC)
Man Hu (Amsterdam UMC)
Weisha Li (Amsterdam UMC)
Kaja Hribar (UMC Grongingen)
Ligia Kiyuna (UMC Groningen)
Charlotte Andriessen (Maastricht UMC)
Marit Kotte (Maastricht UMC)
Evi Koene (Maastricht UMC)