2021 Seminar Series

In March of last year, we were excited to meet nearly 200 of you for the first Dutch Translational Metabolism Conference in Lunteren. Unfortunately, as for much of 2020, things did not go according to plan. We had to cancel the event, hoping to postpone it to this year. However, we now realize we were still too optimistic for the planning of in person meetings.

However, the response we received to our initiative demonstrated to us that this is a community worth preserving and continuing to cultivate, even while physical meetings are impossible. Therefore, we have decided to convert our original program into an online seminar series to be presented throughout 2021. We are delighted to have excellent international keynote speakers who are willing to participate in what promises to be an exciting series of lectures. In line with our initial aim of the TM meeting, these lectures will be complemented by short talks from members of our community.

Lectures will begin at 16:00 and last approximately an hour and 15 minutes.

4 FebruaryProf. Dr. Johan Auwerx (EPFL, Switzerland) & Dr. Jeffrey Kroon (AUMC, NL)
4 MarchDr. Pam Taub (UCSD, USA) & Dr. Milena Schönke (LUMC, NL)
1 April
Prof. Dr. Leanne Hodson (Oxford, UK) & Dr. Joanne Hoogerland (UMCG, NL)
6 May Prof. Dr. Antonio Moschetta (Università di Bari, Italy) & Xinwei Chang (MUMC, NL)
3 June Prof. Dr. Juleen Zierath (KI, Sweden) & Jan-Frieder Harmsen (MUMC, NL)
9 SeptemberProf. Dr. Stephan Herzig (HDC, Germany) & Dr. Dicky Struik (UMCG, NL)
7 October Prof. Dr. Shingo Kajimura (UCSF, USA) & Dr. Borja Martínez Téllez (LUMC, NL)
4 November Prof. Dr. Antonio Zorzano (IRB, Spain) & Dr. Anne Gemmink (MUMC, NL)
7 DecemberProf. Dr. Mark Febbraio (Monash Univeristy, Australia) & Dr. Esther Zaal (UU, NL)